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Strata Administration Services ensure a worry-free experience in the management of your scheme.​

At Strata Administration Services, our team ensure every single concern and enquiry are addressed in a courteous, prompt manner. Each of our experienced Strata managers are able to provide a range of professional strata services to ensure a worry-free experience when entrusting someone to assist in the management of your scheme.

We endeavour to ensure that the daily operations of your property are running as smoothly as possible. Our aim is to take the headache out of managing your property – we only bring on the best, dedicated Strata professionals who have the knowledge and skills required for the management of your strata scheme. Strata Administration Services adhere to industry best practice standards, to ensure the quality of service is second to none. 

We acknowledge that no two Strata schemes are the same, each will have their own unique circumstances and plans in place. The factors we consider when managing any scheme include age and location, how the property is used and the applicable scheme by-laws to ensure that the highest quality of service is achieved.

We offer a wide variety of Strata Management Services, including: 

  • 24 hour online access to all relevant information regarding your Strata Scheme, through a secure password protected website
  • Financial management of your Strata Scheme using the latest Strata management financial tools to get it right the first time.
  • Active management and collection of levies
  • Continuing to arrange regular routine maintenance of the common property and assist in the management of any non-routine maintenance that needs attention
  • Making sure that your Strata Scheme is insured as per legislation
  • Ensuring your Strata Scheme meets its taxation responsibilities

Strata Administration Services can provide even more professional services and we can be called at your request if a problem arises. Our professional Strata managers are always on hand for advice to ensure that you are getting the relevant information you need – when you need it.

If you are looking for a strata company in Perth we are here to help you with any management needs you may have.

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Residential Strata Management

Whether you are an owner, investor or developer, our team will be able to support you with the residential strata management services that you require.

Residential Strata properties require different approaches for different schemes as you are dealing with many owners whose needs range, however we can ensure that all owners have access to resources allowing you to rest assured that your property is run efficiently. 

Effective management gives all owners peace of mind that their matters are being cared for consistently, with years of in-depth industry knowledge, our experienced Strata managers are here to help.

Often the biggest purchase that our clients will ever make is a lot within a strata scheme, and this means you need to ensure that your investment is well-managed at every stage. It’s why we offer a comprehensive management service that allows for clear guidance, reliable communication and effective financial planning.

Commercial Strata Management Perth

Commercial Strata Management

Strata Managers require different skills to manage Commercial Strata Schemes as many of the owners are business orientated and need prompt, efficient management of their investment.

Our portfolio consists of predominantly commercial Strata Schemes, we understand that you need professionals who are readily available to help you through the challenges of having high risk activities conducted from site and managing any risk requirements being enforced by insurers, while simultaneously having someone readily available to manage many of the secretarial and treasury roles. 

At Strata Administration Services, we are considered as one of the most experienced commercial strata management service providers in Perth. We maintain a focus on building and retaining strong relationships with our clients.

Our approach is detailed, working to ensure excellent support and timely resolution to any issues that may be encountered with your scheme.

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with the difficulties that some commercial Strata schemes. With our knowledge, advice and support, we can ensure that your Strata commercial scheme is well-managed and taken care of at every step of the way.

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